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YOO pioneered the lifestyle-led, branded real estate movement over 20 years ago. The companies branded residences have a demonstrable track-record of not only securing premium values for third-party developer clients, but also setting the bar for design, marketing and service quality for homeowners.


Welcome to hotels unlike any other. YOO Hotels and Resorts are inspired by the YOO Group’s vision of enriching lives with extraordinary living spaces. 

The luxury hotel brand, by YOO, brings together world-renowned Creative Directors and the renowned YOO Design Studio with some of the world’s most sublime destinations and flawless yet personal service. Meanwhile, Yoo2 continues the design ethic in an eclectic group of lifestyle hotels; each one a striking expression of local soul.

From fun and funky Rio de Janeiro to the relaxing and picturesque Cotswolds, YOO Hotels and Resorts surprise and delight even the most jaded traveller with contemporary, imaginative and sophisticated hotels.


YOO Residences is the result of a partnership between property entrepreneur John Hitchcox and the ubiquitous designer, Philippe Starck. 

Six leading designers, with six unique visions and the one aim: to create extraordinary living, working and hotel spaces. 

YOO’s mission is to improve the way people live, work and play in the built environment.


YOO is not just about design; it’s about creating a lifestyle through amazing amenity spaces and common areas, where people can come together and get to know each other. Spaces to inspire the feeling that anything is possible.

YOO is global, but designs local. Incorporating the local culture is an important inspiration


YOO Residences and Hotels are global with stunning residential projects in the most unique and cosmopolitan locations.

With more than 80 projects in Africa, Asia Pacific, Central & South America, Europe and North America finding a YOO Residence that meets your needs should be an easy decision. 

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