Thailand’s Branded Residences Sector Spreading Across The Country

Thailand’s skyrocketing branded residences sector is now spreading across the country, creating exciting new opportunities for investment in alternative destinations which showcase the kingdom’s iconic natural scenery but where land prices are only a fraction of legacy destinations, such as Phuket.

The enduring success of Thailand’s tourism industry – which topped 40 million international visitors in 2019 and could reach 80 million by 2028 – is the major driving force for the branded residences sector, as affluent travellers pivot from visiting a dream destination to living in Thailand long-term.

New Hotspots for Branded Residences

With land prices in Thailand’s tourism hotspots soaring, savvy developers and investors are increasingly turning their attention to “hidden gems,” especially in idyllic coastal areas.

Banyan Group, ranked as the world’s fifth-largest branded residences operator according to Savills Research, recently signed a collaboration on a new project in Sichon, a beachfront enclave in Nakhon Si Thammarat province.

Banyan Tree Sichon Nakhon Si Thammarat Province Southern Thailand

“The notable rise in land values in established markets has been remarkable, yet the window of opportunity in these new settings presents potential for significant growth,” remarked Ravi Chandran, a 25-year resident of Phuket and Executive Director of Urasaya Property. “The first-mover advantage in areas like Sichon could herald long-term benefits for early stakeholders.”

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